Our brand

Our people

Our people have made FCT what it is today, and they create the foundation for what it will be tomorrow. We hire exceptional people, and give them every support—from resources, to empowerment, to development opportunities—to ensure they are fully capable of offering our customers a flawless experience. Through a keen focus on the FCT values of Integrity, Passion to Serve, Passion to Exceed and Thinking Differently, we provide our employees with the tools to make decisions that are always in the best interests of our customers.

Our people know that how quickly they return a voice mail or an email, or how they share their knowledge with you, can be as important as offering the right products and services. No matter whom you interact with, from our staff through to our senior executives, you will enjoy a consistency of experience—and of excellence—throughout the people and the culture of FCT.

Our brand promise

Our customers—residential and commercial legal professionals, recovery professionals, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and builders—are constantly looking for ways to improve the services they offer their own customers. These professionals come to FCT for expert resources that add tangible service value, and increase both the certainty and integrity of their real estate transactions. They come to us because of our history of leadership, tenacity, and innovative thinking—and they reward us with their loyalty because we deliver on our brand promise: Experience Excellence.

Our promise to you is that, in everything we do, we will continue to set the highest standards of excellence in the Canadian title insurance and real estate industry. The pursuit and achievement of excellence guides the ways in which we think and act on a daily basis. It is the backbone of our customer-centric approach that puts your needs at the forefront of all our decisions and actions.

FCT is dedicated to saving you valuable time and money in all your residential and commercial real estate dealings. We are proud to say that our strong customer commitment continues to earn us the trust of a growing number of professionals and has enabled us to work with nearly every Canadian chartered bank, more than 450 credit unions, and over 12,000 legal professionals.

Our products

Title Insurance is the foundation of our growing business – a contract that protects the insured in case of loss or damage resulting from title or survey defects or problems with the rights of ownership.

Further addressing the broader scope of today’s real estate transactions, the 800+ employees of FCT have developed a number of innovative products and services for the Canadian market. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative services and products, and to developing and implementing new ways of thinking within an overall approach that makes real estate processes and transactions more efficient and secure.

Our products and services include: