Our story

FCT broke ground in Canada in 1991, thanks to the perseverance of Thomas H. Grifferty, who overcame daunting obstacles to the introduction of title insurance in Canada. For the past 20 years, we have been delivering innovative products and services to the Canadian marketplace, serving customers with passion and integrity. We pioneered title insurance in this country and in 2012 the total number of policies sold exceeded 10 million.

We are Canada’s leading provider of title insurance and other real estate related products and services and our corporate financial strength and stability are second to none in the industry. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, we do business in every province and territory and must meet the rigorous standards set by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, as well as other applicable provincial and territorial regulators.

Our experience also reaches well beyond Canada's borders. As the Canadian arm of one of the world’s largest title insurers, FCT is part of First American Title Insurance Company’s (FATIC) International division. FATIC international has direct operations and a physical presence in 12 different countries covering Canada, Asia Pacific, UK and Europe, and Latin America. Additionally FATIC International has effectively partnered with leading local companies in specific countries to offer our range of solutions to those markets. With a proven track record of being first to market, FATIC International has secured a strong market share position in each region. FATIC International’s range of products is designed to enhance a client’s risk profile and reduce operating costs through operational efficiencies. Seizing opportunities to streamline existing mortgage and conveyancing processes, primarily in British Commonwealth countries, title insurance combines with unique processing offerings to enhance the speed and efficiencies of established markets. Financial institutions around the world rely on FATIC International to insure their residential and commercial loan transactions (of all sizes) against a range of legal and property risks as well as providing innovative end to end processing solutions. FATIC International’s global experience and expertise enables the insurance coverage to be customized to the individual risks associated with a particular jurisdiction or transaction as well as covering process improvement related risk—resulting in comprehensive tailored solutions and services.