Whether you are a purchaser, or a professional working in the legal, financial or real estate industry, FCT offers products and services to meet your needs. Select your category to learn more about how our solutions can benefit you now and into the future.

I'm a legal professional

Reliability and efficiency are key.
So is protection – for your clients and for yourself.

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I'm a lender

We offer solutions that simplify
the processes involved in your day-to-day lending activities.

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I own or am buying a property

Buying and owning real estate may be a wise investment, but it comes with inherent risks.

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I'm a mortgage broker

FCT lets you solidify your reputation as a trusted industry insider, with our strength and expertise behind you.

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I'm a real estate professional

To set yourself apart, you need
to be a well-informed and well-rounded trusted advisor.

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I'm a recovery professional

Improve my process and performance.

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