Residential Title Insurance

Residential title insurance is a simple way to mitigate your risk and protect your clients against losses associated with title fraud, as well as survey and title defects/issues.

Unlike traditional insurance policies, our residential title insurance does not just cover things that may happen in the future (e.g. title fraud), but also things that have already occurred in the past, prior to transaction (e.g. pre-existing, unknown work orders and zoning violations).

Making FCT title insurance part of all your clients' real estate transactions protects your practice and reputation by shifting risk to FCT. If the insured's interest in the property is challenged due to a covered risk, simply leave the defense to us - along with the associated costs.

We offer two types of title insurance policies: one for homeowners and one for lenders. Deliver substantial savings for your clients by ordering both policies in the same transaction.

And now you can further protect your own practice while you are looking out for your clients' best interests, with FCT's E&O Extra Policy.*

* Not available in Quebec or the Territories.


Homeowner Policy

This policy protects the purchaser or owner of a residential property against numerous covered title risks.

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Loan Policy

This policy protects the lender who provides a mortgage on a residential property.

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E&O Extra Policy

This policy ensures you are not financially affected by claims not covered under the title insurance policy.

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