Managed mortgage solutions


Lenders are looking for improved profitability and efficiency in the lending process, the ability to provide an enhanced customer experience, and risk mitigation at every step. Find it all in FCT's one-stop Managed Mortgage Solution.

Managed Mortgage Solution is a fully outsourced program designed to lower your costs, mitigate risk, and improve your internal efficiencies. This reliable solution reduces your workload in every aspect of mortgage processing, including communicating with legal professionals, processing funding, managing files, following up on documents, and obtaining title insurance.

Discover how easy the process becomes when you put mortgage management into our hands:

  • Begin by sending us a request to process your customer's mortgage. We'll prepare an instruction package, engage a lawyer within 24 hours, and direct all lawyer communications.
  • The lawyer completes all necessary searches and title work, and submits required documents to us two days prior to closing.
  • We issue you a title insurance policy and request funds. On the day before closing, you transfer funds to FCT.
  • We transfer the funds to the lawyer on the morning of closing.
  • Following instructions from FCT, the lawyer pays out all applicable debts.
  • We follow up on final documentation and post applicable documents to your Managed Mortgage Solution portal.
  • Enjoy electronic retrieval and storage of documentation. Access the documents in your online portal at your convenience.

Managed Mortgage Solutions enhances efficiency and reliability through standardized processes and set service levels, resulting in an improved customer experience. Plus, you'll have the value-added benefits of a title insurance policy on every transaction. Your customer is eligible for an owner title insurance policy at a reduced rate.

Get in on a solution that's a smart move from beginning to end. For one low fixed cost, Managed Mortgage Solution brings you reduced administration and increased efficiency, resulting in less of your time devoted to handling files – leaving you free to act on the next deal.