Mortgage processing made simple, swift and secure

Your residential clients require fast service and error-free results. Lender Lawyer ConnectTM (LLC) makes it easy for you to deliver. Through a powerful suite of online services, this proven, trusted solution transforms the costly, labour-intensive work of processing mortgages and communicating with legal professionals into a quick and seamless flow.

Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust rely on LLC to bring efficiency and accuracy to their dealings with lawyers and notaries. Since its launch in 2009, LLC has become an online national mortgage processing solution of choice for over 6,200 legal professionals in Canada.

LLC can be configured as an end-to-end workflow system that automates all aspects of mortgage settlement, or integrated with your internally managed functions to improve the effectiveness of your processes. It brings accuracy, security and coordination to all stages of mortgage processing, from initiation through to final reporting - enhancing your ability to provide impeccable service and freeing more of your time and focus for your clients.


How Lender Lawyer Connect works

It's easy to simplify the instructing, processing, management and reporting of mortgage documents once you have enrolled in LLC. Read more to find out how it works.

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Across Canada, FCT customers are overcoming challenges and improving services using LLC. Take our word for it – and theirs, too. Click through to read our selected testimonials.

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