What does residential title insurance mean to a mortgage broker?

It means that with a homeowner policy in place, your clients can avoid unexpected costs, delays and worries during their closings. This policy transfers risks related to title from the homebuyer to FCT, giving legal professionals the confidence to complete real estate transactions quickly and cost-effectively. Our Homeowner Policy covers losses associated with survey issues and title defects that existed prior to the home purchase but only came to light after closing, as well as title fraud that occured after the policy was issued. And coverage doesn't end when the deal closes — your clients will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected for as long as they own their homes. For more information on FCT’s homeowner policy, click here


Platinum Service

Realize the full advantages of FCT’s Platinum Service by securing your client’s mortgage through a lender who has Platinum Service built into their refinance program with FCT. By working with a lender with Platinum Service, you and borrowers will both enjoy the ease of fast, seamless service and optimum convenience.

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