Commercial Title Insurance


As a conduit between borrowers and their potential lenders, it's important for you to understand what protection is available for both parties and be a valued resource of information for your clients. Title insurance provides efficiency and cost saving opportunities that help streamline closings and protect your client's interest in real property. Dealing with known issues upfront and having a solution to secure against the unknown will provide piece of mind and added assurance that the transaction will be completed as scheduled.

FCT’s Loan Policy protects lenders against losses associated with priority and enforceability of their mortgage, title and survey defects, municipal issues and title fraud, when such issues arise during or prior to the advance of funds. With a title insurance policy, the lender will enjoy protection for as long as their mortgage is registered – all for a one-time premium.

The coverage provided under FCT’s Owner’s Policy includes but it not limited to survey and municipal issues, fraud occurring in the transaction, compliance with zoning by-laws and non-compliance with certain agreements. With a title insurance policy, the borrower will enjoy protection for as long as they own the property – all for a one-time premium.

The borrower can save substantially when the Owner’s Policy and a Loan Policy are purchased during the same transaction. Differentiate yourself by recommending FCT title insurance to all of your clients.