I own my home


Whether you bought your home last year, last decade or in the last century, it's never too late to protect yourself from losses resulting from previously unknown issues and threats to your ownership. For example, a problem could come to light regarding the previous owner's placement of the deck or garage? Could title fraud undermine your right of ownership? The relief that comes of knowing your ownership is protected is priceless – and such protection is available at a low cost from FCT.

For a one-time, low cost premium, our Homeowner Policy covers you for losses arising from zoning issues, encroachments, and many other title-related matters. It will cover you for issues that occurred in the past, such as problems related to renovations completed without a permit by previous owners. It will also protect you against title fraud that may threaten your title in the future. The amount of coverage is usually equal to the purchase price of the home. Ask your lawyer or notary about securing an FCT Homeowner Policy, or contact us directly to order a policy. With a single phone call, you can gain the peace of mind of knowing you'll be covered for as long as you own your home.