Credit Investigation Report


When it comes to mitigating credit risk and protecting assets, comprehensive investigation reporting is vital. FCT makes it easy to get all the information you need to make recovery decisions on defaulted receivables and meet all compliance requirements for mortgage insurers.

Our Credit Investigation Report is user-friendly and centralized – and it's the most comprehensive credit report analysis available in Canada. This quick, easy-to-use service provides a complete and detailed financial background on a debtor. It makes it easy to promptly identify key information relating to debtors and their assets.

Discover the benefits of choosing FCT's Credit Investigation Report to streamline your processes.

  • Save time – turnaround on credit report requests is just five days from the time of your request, a significant reduction from the two-week wait that is common with traditional methods.
  • Reduce effort – free up your valuable resources by relying on this fast, centralized process for credit reporting.
  • Be better informed – having all the information you need in one place makes it far easier to assess a debtor's profile and determine the best course of action for debt recovery.

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