Insolvency Managed Services (Business Process Outsourcing)


Processing bankruptcies, consumer proposals, credit counselling and dépôt volontaire files can be costly and onerous. InsolvencyLink Managed Services simplifies internal processes, reducing effort and expense for lenders, lawyers and recovery professionals.

Utilizing the powerful and flexible InsolvencyLink platform, Default Solutions brings transparency to your insolvent portfolio. Our outsourcing solution manages your complete end-to-end bankruptcy and insolvency process – from initial filing through to final payment processing – Insolvency Managed Services is the answer.

Our InsolvencyLink platform stores all relevant information electronically. With just a few clicks, you can scan documents, track payments and dividends, customize reports, and send documentation via email or automated fax software. Simply validate the account balance upon receipt of notification and the process is complete. It's that easy.

Savings and efficiency are built in to InsolvencyLink.

  • Save money by freeing valuable resources from the need to manually process documents.
  • Reduce the time required to process bankruptcy and credit counselling documents.
  • Use InsolvencyLink's industry-leading technology to increase returns when targeting and resolving bankruptcy abuse.
  • Keep better track of processes via automated follow-up for credit counselling services (CCS) and consumer proposals.
  • Increase recoveries while reducing time and effort invested in the process.

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