Products and services

FCT's products and services bring certainty and value to real estate transactions. Learn more about our commercial and residential title insurance products, and our business solutions for professionals who offer real estate services.

Commercial Solutions

Protects commercial property owners and their lenders against a host of title and off-title related issues.

Residential Lending Solutions

A one-stop solution that makes it easy for lenders
to complete refinancing or mortgage transfers for residential borrowers.

Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

For legal professionals and lenders, enhances efficiency in residential mortgage processing and communications.

Platinum Service

Elevates your service offering by letting you handle residential mortgage paperwork efficiently and effortlessly.

Residential Solutions

Protects purchasers, owners or lenders of residential property against numerous covered title risks.


Property Valuation Indemnity Insurance

An exclusive and innovative insurance product to assist lenders in mitigating property valuation risk, lowering application costs, improving funding rates and customer experience.


Default Solutions

Our web-based software solutions result in increased recoveries and notable efficiencies within our customers' recovery processes.



A secure solution that allows lawyers to transfer closing funds electronically, eliminating the hassles of paper cheques.